“You and I possess within ourselves, at every moment of our lives and under all circumstances, the power to transform the quality of our lives.”

~ Werner Erhard

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Hey there, my name is Angelie Kapoor. I’m a Career & Leadership Coach & the Founder of Oversight Global.


I bet you’re here because you want to reach your full potential! At Oversight Global, our mission is to make you absolutely UNSTOPPABLE by empowering you through the power of awareness and consciousness.

The simple concept of consciousness or, ‘awareness’ can be so transformative. Awareness is the first, and most important step to improvement and transformation. Are you cognizant of the fact that there are things you have not yet learned? Are you aware of the things you’d like to change?

The word “oversight” speaks to both the reason our company was created as well as to our mission. Oversight is defined as ‘the unintentional failure to notice or miss something’ as well as the ‘act of effectively overseeing something.’

We saw the need to address the consciousness crisis that’s in the world. To bring to light, to help people become aware of what they are missing – in life, in their bodies, with their health, in their relationships – that they are meant for so much more!

It is our mission to effectively oversee the awareness, consciousness and transformation of people as individuals and as businesses, to reach their fullest potential and to contribute to the world as only they uniquely can.

Are you wanting to change things regarding your career? Imagine having your pick of working in your dream job for your dream employer. Imagine fitting in effortlessly with their culture, mission, vision and with their staff and teams – without the need for spending thousands of dollars and hours of time on additional education or certifications.

Are you eager to become a better leader? Imagine being able to create an environment at work or elsewhere that is not only wildly productive, but also ridiculously fun! Become a leader who inspires, engages, motivates, and supports staff in the best way possible.

Let me make this clear to you now – it is all within your reach! Everything you dream of and desire is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE! I can help you achieve your fullest potential in all areas of your life by sharing my experience, skills, insight, and knowledge.

Let’s make you absolutely unstoppable!

Current Events

We all know that goal setting is important, but it’s hard to stay motivated and focused throughout the year.

It seems like every January we all make resolutions to change our lives for the better, but by February most of us have already given up. Why does this happen?

‘A New Year, A New You’ is a series of video interviews that showcases experts and entrepreneurs who thrive on making a positive impact. These inspiring individuals share their tips and tricks for setting yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals, and they model these habits every day.

Be sure to catch ‘A New Year, A New You’ series all month long in December 2022 on the Oversight Global Transformation Channel! Just Click the Image Below!

'A New Year, A New You' Series on the Oversight Global Transformation Channel


Join Angelie as she walks with you step by step through the intention and awareness techniques she’s learned and uses to set her yearly goals every year!

Access it all month long in December 2022 on the Oversight Global Transformation Channel! Just Click the Image Below!

BONUS VIDEO! Setting Goals for the New Year with Intention & Awareness!

Why Oversight Global

Personal & Self-Development

Have you ever found yourself looking around and wondering, “is this it? Is this all that life is?” The old societal expectation that we are to spend our best years exchanging our valuable time for money while our loved ones get our least instead of our best no longer applies. We as humans are given, the birth right, the privilege and responsibility to learn, grow and evolve during our lifetime. We are meant to make the world better for our future generations.

Learn to become aware and conscious of what you didn’t know you have been missing. Start to transform into who you truly are meant to be. Reach your full potential in all areas of your life!

Speaking, Workshop Training

My mission as a speaker/trainer/presenter is to raise the consciousness of the audience to facilitate empowerment, inspiration, and motivation.

I have the uncanny ability to command the room by resonating, connecting, informing and empowering others. 

You can count on an engaging, thought-provoking experience full of resonating stories, and interaction. I share my experience as a healthcare manager, career & leadership coach, mentor, and trainer. I also utilize relevant information from today’s leadership, career, healthcare and coaching industries.

I’m committed to delivering simple, quick, and easy-to-implement strategies. I relate my ideas and recommendations not only to inspire a greater level of awareness and consciousness, but also as a way of adding impact to any audience & event!

Career & Leadership Development

Whether you are a new leader or a seasoned manager, we know your job is HARD! We’ve been there! If you are wanting to be a more confident, empowering, capable leader or manager, then you’ve come to the right place! We understand your challenges and struggles because we’ve experienced them too!

We help managers and leaders who would like to become more empowering, powerful leaders who consistently get results from their staff or team.

We will help you become a more confident leader, manage your time, complete projects and better serve your team for a variety of business improvements from a place of true genuineness and authenticity.

Management & Operational Training & Consulting

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business or a larger company, are you as effective, efficient and productive as you could be? Are you, your employees and customers happy and satisfied? Are you and your team being productive and increasing revenue or are you just busy and stuck in the weeds? 

Discover your professional bottlenecks and increase your productivity, efficiency, effectiveness and revenue with operational, management and leadership training and consulting. 

Become the Best Version of Yourself!

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