Kind Words of Praise

Curious about what it would be like working with us? Check out these reviews from clients who have worked with us in the past.

I felt understood and immensely supported...

The most exquisite quality that Angilie possesses as a coach is empathy. Her natural gifts for active listening and asking key questions to determine the nature of the situation at hand make her a precious ally in overcoming challenges. Furthermore, she has a profound understanding of goal setting and is excellent in supporting the creation of actionable plans leading to success.

Overall, I loved working with Angilie. I felt understood and immensely supported while I was able to pursue my business projects and new collaborations with specific actions and greater confidence.

Ioanna Margaroni
Award Winning Speaker / Personal Expansion Coach / Energy Healer
Angilie is an excellent leader....

Though I only worked with Angilie for a short amount of time. I found her to be an excellent leader. She was able to quickly get up to speed and prioritize strategic actions that helped the operation run more smoothly. She is a strong supporter of her team while also being able to cut through the noise and get to the root cause of an issue. I would recommend Angilie to any organization looking for an organized, dedicated and highly effective leader.

Mark Diegel
Director of Clinic Operations at ZoomCare
Angilie guided me to be empowered to grow and feel confident in my abilities...

I have worked with Angilie in many different capacities. We were peers at Minor and James Medical in our various roles over the years, but what I value the most about working with Angilie is when she became my Leadership Coach. It was helpful that she inherently knew my 'opportunities for growth' and guided me in a way that empowered me to grow and feel confident in my abilities as a working professional. Within the two years that she mentored me I had changed careers, doubled my income, and have been promoted twice. 'Power of the Introvert' should be a listed skill on her LinkedIn profile, next to 'Dedicated, hard-working, smart, and strategic.'

Joanne Ansolis, PMP
Sr. IS Project Manager
It is my pleasure to recommend Angilie Kapoor as an empathetic and dedicated coach

It is my pleasure to recommend Angilie Kapoor as an empathetic and dedicated coach. Angilie helped to launch AARP Foundation’s Skills for the Digital Economy initiative in Washington State in 2021, working with clients across a variety of career backgrounds as they targeted their career objectives and prepared application materials. She was skilled at working alongside job candidates to identify and work through potential barriers to success, and as a high compliment to her coaching abilities, job candidates who worked with her during her tenure at AARP Foundation have continued to seek out her counsel after her departure from the organization.
Angilie additionally worked with me to create and document processes and surveys for the new initiative. Angilie has a keen process-oriented mind and is positive and tenacious in seeking technological efficacy and customer experience improvements in programmatic processes. We miss Angilie and wish her well in her future coaching and leadership endeavors.

Meredith Colquitt, PMP
Director of Strategic Planning
I’m lucky to know Angilie

I’m lucky to know Angilie. She is kind, smart, professional and can deliver just enough of a nudge to get me thinking about resources, next steps AND make a commitment to actually doing those steps. Gotta’ like it. I know I do. Thanks, Angilie.

Dan Kennedy
Professional Executive Coach
Angilie is an excellent coach

Angilie is an excellent coach. She’s an adept listener and has a wealth of knowledge that helps her clients fine tune their campaigns. Angilie has great follow through and is a pleasure to work with. She provides inspiration to her clients, has a can-do attitude, and stays current with trends and opportunities.

Kendall Davenport
Sr Intake & Administrative Coordinator
Angilie is compassionate and understanding

Angilie is compassionate and understanding. She helps focus your intentions and guides you to be the best you.

April Hillery
Project Coordinator
The leadership Angilie displays has proven time and again that she is a talented asset

I had the opportunity to work with Angilie through significant transitions. I found her to be absolutely capable and attentive to the needs of others. She has consistently been an excellent liaison between staff and upper management, communicating effectively and getting things accomplished. When I was in need of growing our busy department, she was a champion for the cause and was able to acquire what we needed.
Angilie is very thorough and diligent in her work. She follows through on emails and conversations, closing the loop in all her communications and ensuring that everyone understands what the status of any projects may be. She suggests the implementation of new processes in the clinic when appropriate, facilitating patient check-in procedures and keeping patient needs in focus. She is also particularly skilled at measuring patient satisfaction by monitoring the feedback received and sharing that information so that improvement opportunities are spotlighted.
My experience working with Angilie is that she is confident and committed to the patient care mission of the healthcare industry. The leadership she displays has already proven time and again that she is a talented asset.

Jamie Gilman
Allergy Clinician at Seattle Allergy Ninja
Angilie was a great mentor in helping others to achieve their future career goals...

I had the pleasure of working with Angilie over several years. She was very attentive to the needs of others and was a great mentor in helping others to achieve their future career goals. She was always available and easy to talk to. And would do what she could to follow through with whatever was needed. She has an outstanding work ethic and was always willing to go above and beyond. Her drive and attention to detail really helped her navigate the waters and be the leader her team needed.

Charlotte Nickels
Project/Program Manager III
Angilie is an adaptable leader in an industry regularly demanding more and better

In working with Angilie, I was immediately impressed with her ability to balance business requirements while taking concrete steps to build engagement and grow the capacity of staff, reducing turnover and improving patient satisfaction metrics. She exhibited a level headed professionalism in guiding herself, staff and the leadership team to the next stage, all the while developing and challenging herself and others to show the emerging skill set and frame of mind, to continue to be productive and effective. First hand I have seen her get measurable results through people, not in spite of people. She is an adaptable leader in an industry regularly demanding more and better.

Gay Niven
Organizational Development Consultant
Angilie has a gentle wisdom that helped me see things in a way I had not even considered before

My experience with Angilie was a profound and uplifting experience. Angilie was able to listen, truly listen to me and hold a space that felt safe and compassionate. She encouraged me to tell my story, and asked pointed questions that guided me to go deeper and think differently. Angilie has a gentle wisdom that helped me see things in a way I had not even considered before.

Jennifer Dale
Relationship Coach
Angilie helped me understand my triggers and why I react the way I do...

Angilie has been a god send to me during our coaching partnership. She helped me understand my triggers and why I react the way I do. She taught me how to recognize my emotional responses so that I could “reframe” my reaction so that it did not negatively impact my life but allows me to shift, ground and be present. This has changed my life in such a positive way! Angilie gave me the tools to be able to overcome anything that normally would have bothered me for days!

Andrea Barden
Operations Manager
Angilie is a skilled leadership coach who provides clarity for those she works with

Angilie is a skilled leadership coach who provides clarity for those she works with. Her coaching helped me zone in on my target audience and gave great tips around building a business page. Highly recommend!

Laura Collis
Founder & Nutrition and Wellness Coach at NutritiousWellness.com
I love being coached by Angilie

Angilie is honest, organized and insightful and encourages you to make your life your very own and no one else’s. I love being coached by her!

Marye Lobb