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About our Founder, Angelie Kapoor

Following a long career in the healthcare industry, I dedicated myself to learning the art of work-life balance and how to become better in my field. Once I learned the various measures I had to take to optimize my career and progress towards my full potential, I made it my mission to teach others how to do the same. I developed a comprehensive approach that combines awareness, self-care, goal setting, leadership, wellness and so much more.

Many people do not realize how intertwined their personal and professional lives really are. Certain practices however, such as leadership, confidence, and goal setting, bleed into all parts of life, making them all the more important. As a career & leadership coach & consultant and a trainer & speaker, I now help individuals and businesses all over the world optimize their lives & their worldly contributions.


Our passion is working with ambitious spirits who seek to fulfill their fullest potential in all areas of their lives. Our products & services are tailored towards those who are wanting to uplevel in their professional & personal areas of their lives. We specialize in helping them fulfill their career goals, pursue their greatest desires, and develop the leadership skills to elevate them to the next level. We help our clients establish the balance and alignment their heart craves to thrive in both their career, and at home.

Our primary goal is to raise the level of awareness of the consciousness crisis our world is currently in so that people can reach their fullest potential!

People and even businesses tend to play small, but it’s time to start playing big! Our products & services can help empower you and your team to reach great heights. Our mission is to share our knowledge, experience, and insights with people to help them become more aware in the workplace and in their personal lives.

Our products & services have proven to produce major breakthroughs, help clients get unstuck, and give people the tools they need to move forward with their goals.


We specialize in helping people develop career, leadership, business and personal success strategies. Over the years, We’ve not only developed the skills and expertise, but also a keen understanding of the complex issues that we face; especially in volatile times that we are experiencing today.

Our vast experience in leadership, management, and business operations has helped us develop the skills to teach others how to successfully apply the right strategies in the proper succession to empower them to grow professionally, personally and financially.

One of our greatest talents is helping people cultivate clarity, focus, awareness, and simplicity. This process starts by exposing flaws and inaccuracies that we all have and explaining why they are hindering success in various areas of life.

Our career, business, and leadership growth model is perfectly positioned to help poeple realize their dreams. We can help you create your dream career, leadership skills, and professional & personal success. More importantly, we will teach you how to stay in alignment with your true passion to achieve personal, financial, and professional fulfillment.